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Project Highlights

Commercial and Industrial Development

Our Floc Systems tanks and loose granular flocculant at work treating surface water runoff on a 30 acre commerical development site in Abbotsford, BC. Water quality was discharged directly into an adjacent stream/wetland, so clean water quality was critical!

Floc tanks and Tigerfloc treating surface runoff from a 30 acre commercial development site in Abbotsford, BC.

Residential Construction

A tandem Tigerfloc Kit setup treating construction water in the winter during a Significant Rainfall Event while construction crews completed new stormwater pond construction as part of a residential construction project in Surrey, BC. 

Agricultural Development 

Floc Systems tanks, loose granular flocculant and Tigerfloc belts at work to treat surface water as part of a 100 acre agricultural development project, in the Township of Langley, BC. Water was collected in an engineered storm water pond, pre-treated with a dose of loose floc and further treated through a series of Tigerfloc belts and hose, prior to discharge directly into an adjacent stream system.