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FOR SALE! Weir Bin/Mobile Sediment Pond

FOR SALE! Weir Bin/Mobile Sediment Pond

A mobile sediment pond is an excellent option where water detention is required but space on site is limited, or the digging of a sediment pond will be limited to a month or two before decommission. The mobile sediment pond is just that - mobile - it can be moved around the site as needed.

The Mobile Sediment Pond can be used by itself as water detention or can be used in combination with Tigerfloc Belts/Socks ( to add flocculant treatment to the water upon entry to the Mobile Sediment Pond.

This unit measures 15' long by 8' wide x 4' tall, contains two internal baffles complete with flow outlets, and can be used as either a mobile detention pond or weir bin. It was previously offered as a rental system for large job sites, but has since been decommissioned and is now available for purchase. There is some cosmetic damage but the system is fully functional.

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