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Demo Videos

Please watch the videos below for more information on Tigerfloc, our water treatment units as well as general explanation videos. Check back periodically, as videos will continually be updated with new demonstrations and case studies.

Video 1: Tigerfloc Granular flocculant agent demonstration

The below video shows a quick demonstration on how fast Tigerfloc granular product works to reduce the turbidity of water quality. 

Video 2: Check out the effectiveness of Tigerfloc when sprinkled on check dams!

The below video demonstrates how well Tigerfloc works in conjunction with other ESC controls. 

Video 3: Instructional Video on how to set up your Tigerfloc Water Treatment Kit:

Your quick How To Guide on the kit setup!

Video 4: Tigerfloc Water Treatment Kit in Action on Site

Video 5: Tigerfloc Dewatering Kit used to dewater a dirty pond!


Video 6: Side-by-side Tigerfloc Water Treatment Kits in use

Video 7: Another Tigerfloc Dewatering Kit used to dewater a dirty pond!